Monkey-Infecting Virus May Provide Part of Future HIV Vaccine

“We’ve shown here that one can use shapes from chimpanzee-infecting SIV to stimulate the production of antibodies against the human-infecting HIV,” states co-senior author Dennis Burton, PhD, the James... Read more »

Are wild monkeys becoming a reservoir for Zika virus in the Americas? | Science

A Brazilian research study discovered Zika virus in lots of wild marmoset monkeys, which might enter into a threatening transmission cycle for people. Leszek Leszczynski/WikimediaCommons (CC BY 2.0) Whenthe... Read more »

Mystery disease infects 100+ in US

U.S. health authorities are examining an outbreak of a strange, polio-like illness that triggers weakness in several limbs. The unusual illness– acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM– has infected 62... Read more »

Fighting the Cold Virus and Other Threats, Body Makes Trade-Off, Says Study

Miserable female resting on the bed covered in blanket, feeling ill with influenza, having fever and blowing runny nose with scarf. ( © A Yale research study group... Read more »

New Cat Virus Could Shed Light on Hepatitis B

Morris Animal Foundation-funded research study consisted of the University of Sydney’s School of Veterinary Science, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Charles Perkins Centre and Marie Bashir Institute for... Read more »

Non-Toxic Filamentous Virus Helps Quickly Dissipate Heat Generated by Electronic Devices

. . . . . Figure 1. Schematic representations. ( a) Phage and (b) hexagonally put together structures of the phages in the movie. Organic polymeric products typically have... Read more »

Can Smart Tools Outsmart The Smartest Virus On The Planet?

Over the past months, the smartest virus on the planet once again made it to the headlines — people of all ages have died from the flu, even the healthy ones... Read more »

Can We Outsmart The Smartest Virus On The Planet?

Humans have battled viruses for thousands of years — just like the perpetual battle of good and evil. There seems to be news about a new or re-emerging pathogen... Read more »