Controlling Plasmons in Ultrathin Metal Films

left image: Conceptual view of the vibrant tuning of UTMF nanoribbons by ion-gel gating; right image: Determined transmission spectra of tunable nanoribbons resonating at λ = 2 µm Rare-earth element, such as... Read more »

Better Characterization of Ultra-Thin Materials

We take it for approved that a brand-new smart device or tablet is quicker than its outdated predecessor. It has more memory, is thinner, and its touch screen is... Read more »

Ultrathin Organic Photodetectors Put Wearable Diagnostics at One’s Fingertips

Figure 1: A photo revealing the blood movie sensing unit connected to a fingertip. The sensing unit is based upon ultrathin, versatile organic movie. © 2018 RIKEN Center for... Read more »

A Dramatic Improvement in Electron Mobility by Using an Ultra-thin, Single-Crystalline Film of Germanium

. . . . . Cross- sectional TEM image of Ge ultra-thin film (left) and sheet electron density reliance of electron mobility in Ge thin movies (right) The scientists... Read more »