Organic Electronics: Scientists Develop a High-Performance Unipolar N-Type Thin-Film Transistor

Scientist making thin-film transistors Left: Tsuyoshi Michinobu, right: Yang Wang. Scientists at Tokyo Tech report a unipolar n-type transistor with a world-leading electron movement efficiency of as much as... Read more »

Learning Transistor Mimics the Brain

Thor Balkhed A brand-new transistor based upon natural products has actually been established by researchers at Linköping University. It has the capability to discover, and is geared up with... Read more »

Engineers Produce Smallest 3-D Transistor yet

Utilizing a brand-new production strategy, MIT scientists made a 3-D transistor less than half the width these days’s slimmest business designs, which might assist pack much more transistors onto... Read more »

New Transistor Concept, Solar Cell Included

ICN2 scientists have actually established an unique principle in transistor technology: a two-in-one source of power plus transistor gadget that operates on solar power. Released in Advanced Practical Products... Read more »