Next-generation solar cells pass strict international tests

IMAGE: Professor Anita Ho-Baillie with an earlier model perovskite solar cell. view more  Credit: UNSW Australian researchers have for the very first time produced a brand-new generation of speculative solar... Read more »

The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation announces 2020 fellows

The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation, a not-for-profit company devoted to empowering the most appealing innovators in science and technology, has actually revealed the 2020 receivers of the Hertz... Read more »

Light, fantastic: the path ahead for faster, smaller computer processors

IMAGE: From left: Associate Professor Stefano Palomba, Dr Alessandro Tuniz, Professor Martijn De Sterke in the laboratory at the University of Sydney Nano Institute. view more  Credit: Louise Cooper/University of... Read more »

Personalized nutrition smart patch to reduce diabetes risk

IMAGE: A proof-of-concept Nutromics smart patch. view more  Credit: Nutromics A wearable smart patch will provide accuracy information to assist individuals customise their diet plans and reduce their risk of... Read more »

WashU engineer awarded federal funding for rapid COVID-19 test

IMAGE: Engineers at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis have actually gotten federal funding for a rapid COVID-19 test utilizing a recently established technology called... Read more »

The lunar cycle drives the nightjar’s migration

GPS tracking information exposes that the foraging activity of the European nightjar more than doubles throughout moon-lit nights, and the birds then move at the same time about 10... Read more »

Don’t underestimate the force | Livescience.Tech! Science News

Researchers have actually recognized the weak molecular forces that hold together a small, self-assembling box with effective possibilities. The research study shows an useful application of a force typical... Read more »

How the technical implementation of any logic construction works

IMAGE: This is the cover for Digital ElectronicCircuits view more  Credit: World Scientific Digital Electronic Circuits: The Comprehensive View assists trainees along with useful engineers comprehend the concepts of... Read more »

NASA tracks post-Tropical Cyclone Michael’s heavy rains to Northeastern US

IMAGE: At 3: 25 a.m. EDT (0725 UTC) onOct 12, 2018 the MODIS instrument that flies aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite collected infrared information on Post-TropicalCycloneMichael Strongest thunderstorms appeared over... Read more »

Researchers quickly harvest 2-D materials, bringing them closer to commercialization

Since the 2003 discovery of the single-atom-thick carbon product referred to as graphene, there has actually been considerable interest in other kinds of 2-D materials too. These materials might... Read more »