Team recovers ancient genomes from dirt, revealing new history of North America’s bears | Science

A staff member records where his team is gathering samples of cavern sediments. Devlin A. Gandy When researchers require ancient DNA, they generally need to drill into teeth or bones—a... Read more »

Panasonic to Team up with IBM Japan in Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

Panasonic PSX307 Plasma Cleaner IBM Japan, Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation’s subsidiary, Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Panasonic”), revealed today that the business have actually concurred to work... Read more »

Watch AI help basketball coaches outmaneuver the opposing team | Science

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NIST Team Shows Atoms Can Receive Common Communications Signals

NIST scientist Chris Holloway changes a mirror to line up a laser beam utilized in an atom-based receiver for digitally regulated interaction signals. Credit: Burrus/NIST Scientists at the National... Read more »

UTA and Lockheed Martin Team up on Unmanned Vehicle Project ​

A set of University of Texas at Arlington scientists are teaming with Lockheed Martin Corp. to enhance how unmanned lorries utilize sensing units to collect info. Frank Lewis, the... Read more »

University Team Develops Antibacterial Surfaces for Bone Implants

The advancement opens the possibility of producing a brand-new generation of antimicrobial bone-implantable gadgets with enhanced tissue-implant combination. “This exciting development, coupled with our coating’s ability to irreversibly attach... Read more »

Robots Learn by Checking in on Team Members

. . . . The software application and hardware had to co-ordinate a team of unmanned aerial lorries (UAVs) that can interact and pursue a typical objective have actually... Read more »

Can you identify a dog’s breed by its looks? This team wants to know | Science

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IBM Helps Accelerate AI with Fast New Data Platform, Elite Team

A few of the members of IBM’s brand-new Data Science Elite Group: (L-R) Annamaria Balazs, Umit Cakmak, Seth Dobrin, Susara van den Heever, Wendy Won, and Siva Anne. (Credit:... Read more »