‘Staggering’ study reveals 46% of unemployed U.S. men have criminal convictions | Science

One in 3 grownups in the United States has been arrested at least once, a noticeably high number compared to lots of other nations. Now, a brand-new study reveals... Read more »

COVID-19 starkly increases pregnancy complications, including stillbirths, among the unvaccinated, Scottish study shows | Science

Two research studies launched the other day provided alarming news about the risks of COVID-19 to unvaccinated pregnant females and their children. Perhaps the most troubling information originated from... Read more »

Ancient Greeks didn’t kill ‘weak’ babies, new study argues | Science

In his bio Life of Lycurgus, composed around 100 C.E., Greek thinker Plutarch stated how the ancient Spartans sent babies to a council of seniors for examination. “Fit and... Read more »

COVID-19 reinfection study from South Africa yields ominous data about Omicron | Science

How the introduction of the Omicron version will form the COVID-19 pandemic is still uncertain, however brand-new data from South Africa are uneasy. A study published yesterday as a... Read more »

A racist scientist built a collection of human skulls. Should we still study them? | Science

A 19th century collection of 1300 skulls—signified here by white dots—consists of some from enslaved individuals. Johnalynn Holland They were buried on a plantation simply outdoors Havana. Likely couple... Read more »

Landmark study casts doubt on controversial theory linking melting Arctic to severe winter weather | Science

A weaker, wavier jet stream enables Arctic air to spill south to midlatitudes. NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION STUDIO Every time severe winter weather strikes the United States... Read more »

Study Shows Frying Oil Consumption Worsened Colon Cancer and Colitis in Mice

Scientists utilized samples of canola oil in which falafel was deep-fried. Foods fried in grease are popular around the world, however research study about the health impacts of this... Read more »

Meet the Alpacas That Are Helping Researchers Who Study Autism, Alzheimer’s and Cancer

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‘Quantum Annealer’ Shows Promise in Study

LLNL physicst Arjun Gambhir assisted establish an algorithm to resolve formulas on a quantum computer system. Picture by Julie Russell/LLNL (Download Image) A worldwide group of scientists, consisting of Lawrence... Read more »

Health Effects of Eating Marijuana Is Subject of a New Study

Scientist would like to know how consuming marijuana edibles like these marijuana-infused brownies effects individuals’s health. Image by Getty Images Scientists have actually carried out a study in which... Read more »