In a conservation first, a cloned ferret could help save her species | Science

A variation of this story appeared in Science, Vol 375, Issue 6577. Last month, at a conservation center near Fort Collins, Colorado, staffers held an uncommon birthday celebration, total... Read more »

Airborne DNA from plants could reveal invasive species, impact of climate change | Science

Inventorying the plants in a system of woods or fields or looking for invasive species can take days of hot, effort slogging through tough brush and tick-infested lawn. Now,... Read more »

New species has longest tongue of any insect | Science

On the island of Madagascar there lives a big moth with a tongue enough time to make Gene Simmons green with envy. Its name? Xanthopan praedicta. Its company? Sucking... Read more »

Stunning ‘Dragon Man’ skull may be an elusive Denisovan—or a new species of human | Science

A huge, incredibly total skull from China may expose the long-sought face of a Denisovan. Xijun Ni Almost 90 years earlier, Japanese soldiers inhabiting northern China required a Chinese... Read more »

The Long Arm of Species Loss

Elk have a big influence on their community. They impact things we can see, like the health and variety of predators and plants, and elements we can’t see, such... Read more »

Climate Change May Drive 10% of Amphibian Species in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest to Extinction

Climate conditions anticipate for 2050 and 2070 will be possibly deadly to species less adjusted to climate variation, according to Brazilian scientists (Aplastodiscus arildae/ picture: Bruno T. M. do... Read more »

Ancient hookups between different species may explain Lake Victoria’s stunning diversity of fish | Science

Lake Victoria is residence to a whole bunch of cichlid species, numerous in each look and conduct. (CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT): TIM ALEXANDER (2); MORITZ MUSCHICK WAIMEA, HAWAII—In the shallow... Read more »