Earth’s oldest minerals date onset of plate tectonics to 3.6 billion years ago

IMAGE: Zircons studied by the research study group, photographed utilizing cathodoluminescence, a strategy that enabled the group to imagine the interiors of the crystals utilizing a specialized scanning electron microscopic... Read more »

Webb’s golden mirror wings open one last time on earth

IMAGE: The procedure of releasing, moving, broadening and unfurling all of Webb’s lots of movable pieces after they have actually been exposed to a simulated launch is the very best... Read more »

Physicists describe new type of aurora

For centuries, people in the high latitudes have actually been enthralled by auroras—the northern and southern lights. Yet even after all that time, it appears the ethereal, dancing ribbons... Read more »

Dalian coherent light source reveals oxygen production from three-body photodissociation of water

IMAGE: Dalian Coherent Light Source exposing three-body photodissociation of water as an essential prebiotic-O2 source view more  Credit: DICP The provenance of oxygen on Earth and other solar planetary bodies... Read more »

Researchers identify five double star systems potentially suitable for life

Almost half a century ago the developers of Star Wars envisioned a life-sustaining world, Tatooine, orbiting a set of stars. Now, 44 years later on, researchers have actually discovered... Read more »

New research reveals secret to Jupiter’s curious aurora activity

Auroral shows continue to intrigue researchers, whether the intense lights shine over Earth or over another world. The lights hold hints to the makeup of a world’s electromagnetic field... Read more »

New study ties solar variability to the onset of decadal La Nina events

A new study reveals a connection in between the end of solar cycles and a switch from El Nino to La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean, recommending that... Read more »

New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe

Until now, scientists have actually thought that dark energy represented almost 70 percent of the ever-accelerating, broadening universe. For several years, this system has actually been related to the... Read more »

New light on baryonic matter and gravity on cosmic scales

IMAGE: The existence of ionized gas around galaxies with relocations with them leaves a trace in the microwave background radiation (left panel) which can be discovered understanding the pattern of... Read more »

Impact crater data analysis of Ryugu asteroid illuminates complicated geological history

IMAGE: Figure 1: Size and area of craters on Ryugu (Figure from the Journal paper): The craters are numbered in order of size. view more  Credit: Kobe University Analysis of... Read more »