Climate Change to Make Hot Droughts Hotter in the US Southern Plains

Droughts are reoccurring, disruptive weather condition occasions whose effects are typically intensified by severe and extended heat waves. Now a brand-new NOAA research study in the Journal of Climate cautions that in the currently... Read more »

Dinosaur-age landscapes lurk in Southern Hemisphere | Science

The red hematite mined for iron on Brazil’s Urucum plateau formed a cap that held back disintegration for countless years. PAULO VASCONCELOS Reaching the top of the Urucum plateau,... Read more »

The northern and southern lights are different. Here’s why | Science

Pixabay The northern lights (above) and their lesser-known brother or sister the southern lights, aurora borealis and aurora australis, respectively, swell throughout the skies in hazy green and often... Read more »