NUS Researchers Create New Metallic Material for Flexible Soft Robots

‘Origami robots’ are cutting edge soft and flexible robots that are being checked for usage in numerous applications consisting of drug shipment in bodies, search and rescue objectives in... Read more »

EPFL Is Developing Next-Generation Soft Hearing Implants

The extremely flexible implant adheres nicely to the curved surface area of the acoustic brainstem© 2019 EPFL Working with clinicians from Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School,... Read more »

Self-Folding “Rollbot” Paves the Way for Fully Untethered Soft Robots

This 3D-printed soft robotic system is motivated by origami and can move and alter shape inresponse to external stimuli, paving the way for fully untethered soft robots. (Image thanks... Read more »

Researchers Create Soft, Flexible Materials with Enhanced Properties – Science and Technology Research News

A group of polymer chemists and engineers from Carnegie Mellon University have actually established a brand-new approach that can be utilized to create a class of elastic polymer composites... Read more »

Dynamic Hydrogel Used to Make ‘Soft Robot’ Components and LEGO

Re-attached A brand-new sort of hydrogel product established at Brown has the capability to respond dynamically to its environment—flexing, twisting and self-adhering as needed. Above, the scientists showed self-adhering... Read more »

A Safe, Wearable Soft Sensor

This biocompatible sensor is made from a non-toxic, extremely conductive liquid option that might be utilized in diagnostics, therapies, human-computer user interfaces, and virtualreality (Image thanks to Siyi Xu,... Read more »

Soft Multi-Functional Robots Get Really Small

. . Roboticists are picturing a future where soft, animal-inspired robots can be securely released in difficult-to-access environments, such as inside the body or in areas that are too... Read more »

Technology Enables Soft Contact Lenses to Monitor Glucose, Medical Conditions and Deliver Medications

PurdueUniversity scientists integrated an industrial soft contact lens with an ultrathin conformal sensing unit circuit. (Image offered) PurdueUniversityresearchers have actually established soft contact lenses that not just proper vision... Read more »

Capturing Brain Signals with Soft Electronics

. . . . The outcome has actually been attained in partnership with associates in Zürich and New York City. The advancement, which is essential for lots of applications... Read more »

A New Way to Combine Soft Materials

An unmodified hydrogel (left) peels off easily from an elastomer. A chemically-bonded hydrogel and elastomer (right) are tough to peel apart, leaving residue behind (Image courtesy of Suo Lab/Harvard... Read more »