How the world’s largest geode grew to half the size of a small bedroom | Science

Hector Garrido Most geodes—hollow, crystal-lined rocks—can suit the palm of your hand. However the huge Pulpí Geode, which has to do with half the size of a small bedroom,... Read more »

New Safer, Inexpensive Way To Propel Small Satellites

A group at Purdue University has actually established a new safer and inexpensive way to propel small satellites. (Stock image) Download image Finding inexpensive services for moving CubeSats is... Read more »

Small Currents for Big Gains in Spintronics

This diagram demonstrates how magnetization reverses in a GaMnAs crystal. Image: © 2019 Tanaka-Ohya Lab UTokyo scientists have actually produced an electronic part that shows functions and capabilities crucial... Read more »

This Compact and Cheap Lidar Could Steer Small Autonomous Vehicles

A detailed-up have a look at a miniature optical beam steering part that guarantees to allow lighter and more cost effective autonomous automobiles. (Photograph: Kristinn Glyfason) For autonomous automobiles,... Read more »

Small Modulator for Big Data

Fiber- optical networks, the foundation of the web, depend on high-fidelity details conversion from electrical to the optical domain. The scientists integrated the very best optical product with ingenious... Read more »

Soft Multi-Functional Robots Get Really Small

. . Roboticists are picturing a future where soft, animal-inspired robots can be securely released in difficult-to-access environments, such as inside the body or in areas that are too... Read more »