Skin, nerve transplants from genetically modified pigs could help humans, but organs are a way off | Science

Though the research study leader declared an operation as offering “new hope for an unlimited supply of organs,” last month’s much-publicized transplant of a kidney from a genetically modified... Read more »

Suntanner, Heal Thyself: Exosome Therapy May Enable Better Repair of Sun, Age-Damaged Skin

Monolayer dermal fibroblasts were cultured into spheroids, then exosomes were gathered and provided by a needle-free injector for skin aging treatment. In the future, you might be your extremely... Read more »

Water Resistant and Self-Healing Electronic Skin

A group of NUS scientists led by Assistant Teacher Benjamin Tee (back row, right) from NUS Products Science and Engineering produced a transparent electronic skin that repair work itself... Read more »

Spray Coated Tactile Sensor on a 3-D Surface for Robotic Skin

. . . . Robots will have the ability to carry out a variety of jobs in addition to people if they can be offered tactile noticing abilities. A... Read more »

Electronic Skin Stretched to New Limits

. . An electrically conductive hydrogel that takes stretchability, self-healing and stress level of sensitivity to new limits has actually been established at KAUST. “Our material outperforms all previously... Read more »

New Tool Predicts Eye, Hair and Skin Color from a Dna Sample of an Unidentified Individual

A worldwide group has actually established the HIrisPlex-S DNA test system, an unique tool to properly forecast eye, hair and skin color from human biological product, even a little... Read more »