Panasonic to Team up with IBM Japan in Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

Panasonic PSX307 Plasma Cleaner IBM Japan, Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation’s subsidiary, Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Panasonic”), revealed today that the business have actually concurred to work... Read more »

Designing Tiny Semiconductor Particles for Wide-Ranging Applications

MoS2 quantum dots in liquid option (left) and an ultrahigh zoom of a MoS2 quantum dot (right). MoS2 quantum dots synthesised with the brand-new method established by NUS scientists... Read more »

Assessing the Promise of Gallium Oxide as an Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductor

In microelectronic gadgets, the bandgap is a significant element figuring out the electrical conductivity of the hidden products. Compounds with big bandgaps are typically insulators that do not carry... Read more »

High Performance Nitride Semiconductor for Environmentally Friendly Photovoltaics

Figure(a) Copper and CopperNitride Figure (b) Theoretical Calculation for P-type and N-type CopperNitride Figure (c) Direct Observation of Fluorine Position in Fluorine- doped CopperNitride ( a) An picture of... Read more »