Team recovers ancient genomes from dirt, revealing new history of North America’s bears | Science

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Uproar over sale of iconic Carnegie Institution headquarters to Qatar exposes deeper tensions | Science

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California to hunt greenhouse gas leaks and super-emitters with monitoring satellites | Science

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Butterflies provide ‘extraordinary’ help pollinating cotton fields | Science

Butterflies, such as this gray hairstreak, go to flowers that bees don’t pollinate and improve cotton yields. Sarah Cusser Bees are fantastic pollinators—therefore essential for crops such as almonds... Read more »

Honey bees rally to their queen via ‘game of telephone’ | Science

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Possible ‘embassy’ in ancient Maya city illuminates the birth of an empire | Science

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Russia’s COVID-19 defense may depend on mystery vaccine from former bioweapons lab—but does it work? | Science

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How life span–shifting insects are reshaping aging research | Science

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Neutrino hunters go underwater in quest to trap ghost particles | Science

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