Sensitive Robots Are Safer | Science and Technology Research News

Thanks to the artificial skin established by Prof. Gordon Cheng and his group, robot H-1 has the ability to feel the touch of a human. New control algorithms made... Read more »

New Safer, Inexpensive Way To Propel Small Satellites

A group at Purdue University has actually established a new safer and inexpensive way to propel small satellites. (Stock image) Download image Finding inexpensive services for moving CubeSats is... Read more »

Permits were supposed to make climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome safer. They made things worse | Science

Andrei Stanescu/Alamy Stock Image An effort to make Yosemite National forest’s renowned 2700-meter-high Half Dome rock development more secure for hikers appears to have actually backfired. In 2010, the... Read more »