NUS Researchers Create New Metallic Material for Flexible Soft Robots

‘Origami robots’ are cutting edge soft and flexible robots that are being checked for usage in numerous applications consisting of drug shipment in bodies, search and rescue objectives in... Read more »

Sensitive Robots Are Safer | Science and Technology Research News

Thanks to the artificial skin established by Prof. Gordon Cheng and his group, robot H-1 has the ability to feel the touch of a human. New control algorithms made... Read more »

Shape-Shifting Robots Built from Smarticles Could Navigate ARMY Operations

5 similar “smarticles” — clever active particles — connect with one another in an enclosure. By pushing each other, the group — called a “supersmarticle” — can relocate random... Read more »

Self-Folding “Rollbot” Paves the Way for Fully Untethered Soft Robots

This 3D-printed soft robotic system is motivated by origami and can move and alter shape inresponse to external stimuli, paving the way for fully untethered soft robots. (Image thanks... Read more »

Walking Robots Made More Affordable

Walking robots are set to be a lot more affordable Walking robots might quickly help in search and rescue objectives or provide your groceries now that a brand-new system... Read more »

Robots with Sticky Feet Can Climb Up, Down, and All Around

HAMR-E utilizes electroadhesive pads on its feet and an unique gait pattern to get on vertical, inverted, and curved surface areas, like the within this jet engine. Credit: Wyss... Read more »

Dancing with Robots – Science and Technology Research News

Engineering teacher Keith Williams, left, works with trainees on setting their robot to follow commands. (Photos by Dan Addison, University Communications) Laughterand concerned sharp consumption of breath periodically muffled... Read more »

Model Helps Robots Navigate More like Humans Do

MIT scientists have actually designed a method to assist robots navigate environments more like humans do. When moving through a crowd to reach some objective, humans can generally navigate... Read more »

Soft Multi-Functional Robots Get Really Small

. . Roboticists are picturing a future where soft, animal-inspired robots can be securely released in difficult-to-access environments, such as inside the body or in areas that are too... Read more »

Army Researchers Teaching Robots to Be More Reliable Teammates for Soldiers

Researchers at the United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Research Laboratory and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University established a brand-new strategy to rapidly teach robots... Read more »