Shape-Shifting Robot Built from ‘Smarticles’ Shows New Locomotion Strategy

“Smarticles” are built from smaller sized robots, and when 5 remain in a circle together, they form a “supersmarticle.” Structure standard robots generally needs thoroughly integrating elements like motors,... Read more »

You Can’t Squash This Roach-Inspired Robot

If the sight of a skittering bug makes you squirm, you might wish to avert — a brand-new insect-sized robot developed by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley,... Read more »

Robot Arm Tastes With Engineered Bacteria

A robotic gripping arm that utilizes engineered bacteria to “taste” for a particular chemical has actually been established by engineers at the University of California, Davis, and Carnegie Mellon... Read more »

Dynamic Hydrogel Used to Make ‘Soft Robot’ Components and LEGO

Re-attached A brand-new sort of hydrogel product established at Brown has the capability to respond dynamically to its environment—flexing, twisting and self-adhering as needed. Above, the scientists showed self-adhering... Read more »

Mini Cheetah Is the First Four-Legged Robot to Do a Backflip

MIT’s brand-new mini cheetah robot is springy, light on its feet, and weighs in at simply 20 pounds. Image: Bryce Vickmark MIT’s brand-new mini cheetah robot is springy and... Read more »

The First Walking Robot That Moves Without GPS

© Julien Dupeyroux, ISM (CNRS / AMU) Motivated by the ant desert understood for being a remarkable solo sailor, scientists from the CNRS and Aix-Marseille University, at the Institute... Read more »

A Robot Recreates the Walk of a 300-Million-Year-Old Animal

Utilizing the fossil and fossilized footprints of a 300- million-year-old animal, an interdisciplinary group that consists of researchers from EPFL and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have actually established a approach... Read more »

Albatross Robot Takes Flight – Science and Technology Research News

. . MIT engineers have actually created a robotic glider that can skim along the water’s surface area, riding the wind like an albatross while likewise surfing the waves... Read more »

Robot Helper: “Does It Get along with My Cat?”

Exactly what to do next? To train robotics what individuals desire, scientists of PACKAGE usage eye tracking. (Image: Laila Tkotz, PACKAGE). The term human-machine user interface makes us spontaneously... Read more »