Antiseptic Resistance in Bacteria Could Lead to Next-Gen Plastics

Acinetobacter baumannii, which utilizes a protein called Acel to withstand hospital-grade antiseptic chlorhexidine. (c) CDC Australian-UK scientists determine ancient protein pumps that make bacteria difficult to reward – however... Read more »

Cockroaches may soon be unstoppable—thanks to fast-evolving insecticide resistance | Science

Volker Steger/Science Source The day that squeamish human beings—and pest control men—have actually long feared may have actually come at last: Cockroaches are ending up being invincible. Or a... Read more »

Study Shows MD Anderson-Developed Drug Effective in Overcoming Ibrutinib Resistance in Mantle Cell Lymphoma – Science and Technology Research News

A study at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center showed how a little particle drug found at the organization might assist get rid of resistance to treatment with ibrutinib... Read more »