Purdue Research Promotes Benefits of ‘Tickling’ Rats

. . . . Parents frequently utilize tickling as a spirited method to lighten a kid’s state of mind. In BriannaGaskill’s Purdue University laboratory, researchers do the exact same... Read more »

European Union, worried about rising tensions, plans to boost military research | Science

Tubes from an RM-70 several launch rocket system, seen at a defense market exhibit in Poland in 2015 Jaap Arriens/Sipa U.S.A./Newscom After years of keeping a low profile in... Read more »

Light-Bending Nano-Patterns for LEDs – Science and Technology Research News

Nanoscale patterns developed to flex, deflect and split light can now be made straight on light- discharging diode (LED) surface areas utilizing an ingenious etching technique established by A... Read more »

Albatross Robot Takes Flight – Science and Technology Research News

. . MIT engineers have actually created a robotic glider that can skim along the water’s surface area, riding the wind like an albatross while likewise surfing the waves... Read more »

DNA legend James Watson gave his name to a Chinese research center. Now he’s having second thoughts | Science

A Shenzhen, China, proving ground called for James Watson will be excellent– if it gets constructed. CHEERLAND There was no misinterpreting the important invitee at a 16 March occasion... Read more »

Reducing Collateral Damage – Science and Technology Research News

Taking full advantage of fishery revenues would stop the decreases of all 3 loggerhead turtle populations taken a look at in the UCSB analysis (in many simulated situations). Image... Read more »

The Autonomous “Selfie Drone” – Science and Technology Research News

Skydio, a San Francisco-based start-up established by 3 MIT alumni, is advertising a self-governing video-capturing drone– called by some as the “selfie drone”– that tracks and movies a topic,... Read more »

Method for Predicting Dirac Points Developed, Helping Next-Generation Electronics Research

Figure 1: This diagram reveals the electronic band structure of palladium ditelluride. Band crossings are suggested in red, and Dirac points are viewed as sharp peaks. © 2018 RIKEN... Read more »