The pandemic’s slowing of research productivity may last years—especially for women and parents | Science

The pandemic caused a rise in COVID-19 research, however it seriously interfered with other fields—shuttering laboratories, limiting travel, and leaving researchers with kids having a hard time to work... Read more »

License of leading research chinchilla supplier permanently revoked | Science

In an uncommon choice, an administrative law judge in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today permanently revoked the license of a leading supplier of chinchillas for U.S. research.... Read more »

Research in climate modeling and complex systems wins Nobel Prize in physics | Science

Work to comprehend how co2 would form the climate and the complex habits of atoms in metal lattices is bestowed this year’s Nobel Prize in physics. Syukuro Manabe of... Read more »

Okinawans seek return of forebears’ remains, collected decades ago for research | Science

Kyoto University has remains drawn from the Momojyana burial place in Okinawa, Japan, where members of the royal household of the Ryukyu Kingdom are thought to be buried. Yasukatsu... Read more »

How life span–shifting insects are reshaping aging research | Science

Bees, termites, and ants can teach us a lot about cooperation, interaction, and the abilities that keep societies together. But these so-called social insects might likewise hold tricks that... Read more »

Improving Research with More Effective Antibodies

A brand-new research study indicate the requirement for much better antibody recognition, and describes a procedure that other laboratories can utilize to make certain the antibodies they work with... Read more »

Sensitive Robots Are Safer | Science and Technology Research News

Thanks to the artificial skin established by Prof. Gordon Cheng and his group, robot H-1 has the ability to feel the touch of a human. New control algorithms made... Read more »

Thin to Win | Science and Technology Research News

The new age of smart devices to struck the marketplace all featured amazing cams that produce fantastic images. There’s just one problem — the thick cam lenses on the... Read more »

Doubling Down | Science and Technology Research News

Over the current years, overall human effects to the world’s oceans have, usually, almost doubled and might double once again in the next years without appropriate action. That’s according... Read more »

Star scientist out at Scripps Research | Science

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), the prominent biology research center in San Diego, California, has actually required out popular biochemist Floyd Romesberg, a number of sources have actually informed ScienceExpert.... Read more »