Quantum Computing Boost from Vapour Stabilising Technique – Science and Technology Research News

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Generating High-Quality Single Photons for Quantum Computing – Science and Technology Research News

MIT scientists have actually created a brand-new single-photon emitter that creates, at space temperature level, more of the high-quality photons that might be helpful for useful quantum computer systems,... Read more »

Machine Learning Paves the Way for Next-Level Quantum Sensing – Science and Technology Research News

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Quantum Sensing Method Measures Minuscule Magnetic Fields

The speculative setup utilized by the scientists to evaluate their magnetic sensing unit system, utilizing green laser light for confocal microscopy. Images thanks to RLE A brand-new method of... Read more »

Listening to Quantum Radio | Science and Technology Research News

This quantum chip (1×1 cm) enables the scientists to listen to the weakest radio signal permitted by quantum mechanics. We have actually all been frustrated by weak radio signals... Read more »

When Semiconductors Stick Together, Materials Go Quantum

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Exploring the Global Landscape of Quantum Technology Research

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Quantum Dots Can Spit out Clone-Like Photons

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopic lense image (STEM) of single perovskite quantum dots. New research study reveals that single perovskite quantum dots might be a basic foundation for quantum-photonic innovations... Read more »

Unmanned Vehicles to Take Quantum Leap

Mechanical sensing units on a silicon chip. Credit: Dr Christopher Baker. Quantum sensing units being established at the University of Queensland might change navigation and interactions in unmanned and... Read more »

Toward a Future Quantum Internet

Teacher Hoi-Kwong Lo (ECE) and his partners have actually carried out a proof-of-principle experiment on a crucial element of all-photonic quantum repeaters (Picture: Jessica MacInnis) U of T Engineering... Read more »