Printed Electronics Open Way for Electrified Tattoos and Personalized Biosensors

2 digitally active leads straight printed along the underside of Duke college student Nick Williams’s pinky effectively illuminate an LED when a voltage is used. Electrical engineers at Duke... Read more »

Laser Technology Supports the Path to Printed Electronic Diversity – Science and Technology Research News

Direct printing: The Fraunhofer ILT is showing a pressure gauge sensing unit that can be used straight and instantly to the part thanks to a mix of printing and... Read more »

Future Electronic Components to Be Printed like Newspapers

Roll-to- roll laser-induced superplasticity, a brand-new fabrication technique, prints metals at the nanoscale required for making electronic gadgets ultrafast. (PurdueUniversity image/RamsesMartinez). A brand-new production strategy utilizes a procedure comparable... Read more »