National Academies report on sexual harassment in academia

WASHINGTON– A systemwide modification to the culture and environment in college is had to avoid and efficiently react to sexual harassment, states a brand-new report from the National Academies... Read more »

Is it ethical to use genealogy data to solve crimes?

1. Is it ethical to use genealogy data to solve criminal offenses? Bioethicists recommend ethical factors to consider for forensic use of hereditary data Abstract: . URLs go... Read more »

Australia to join global health and climate change initiative

The Lancet Countdown report on health and environment modification was released in October 2017 by The Lancet and will be upgraded yearly through to2030 . It tracks development on... Read more »

European Research Council invests EUR 650 million in advanced frontier research

How does air contamination impact the advancement of child’s brains? Can ingenious heart regrowth treatments increase the long-lasting survival of cardiovascular disease victims? How did non-living matter progress into... Read more »

SOMMa Spanish research institutions to safeguard scientific competitiveness

The Severo Ochoa Centres and Maria de Maeztu Units Alliance (SOMMa) collects research study centres and systems that got the Spanish Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu quality awards... Read more »