Floating Power Plants | Science and Technology Research News

The floating solar islands might appear like this. On the ship to the left are all the plants required to produce methanol. Visualization: Novaton Big floating solar islands on... Read more »

Top stories: rival giant telescopes, hefty plants, and the mystery behind ‘gluten sensitivity’ | Science

(Left to ideal): GIANT MAGELLAN TELESCOPE– GMTO CORPORATION; MICHAEL HANSON/AURORA PHOTOS; PAUL TAYLOR/GETTY IMAGES Rival giant telescopes join forces to seek U.S. funding Two U.S.-led giant telescope tasks, competitors... Read more »

Long-Term Study Reveals Flip in Plant Responses to Carbon Dioxide

WIKIMEDIA, RICHARD WEBB Not all plants repair carbon from the environment in the exact same method. More than 90 percent of plants utilize exactly what’s referred to as C... Read more »