Paving “One-Way Streets” for Light Inside Photonic Devices

TakianFakhrul, a fourth-year PhD trainee in MIT’s Department of Materials Science andEngineering Image: Jared Charney WhenTakian Fakhrul was a girl, her dad, then a college student in products science... Read more »

A Silicon-Nanoparticle Photonic Waveguide – Science and Technology Research News

A brand-new method to effectively assist light at small scales has actually been shown by an all-A * STAR team1. Their technique, which includes lining up silicon nanoparticles, is... Read more »

Scaling Silicon Quantum Photonic Technology

A massive integrated silicon-photonic quantum circuit for managing multidimensional entanglement. Image credit: University of Bristol While basic quantum hardware entangles particles in 2 states, the group has actually discovered... Read more »