Liquid mirror telescope opens in India | Science

A unique telescope that focuses light with a gradually spinning bowl of liquid mercury rather of a strong mirror has actually opened its eye to the skies above India.... Read more »

New Synthesis Method Opens up Possibilities for Organic Electronics

Figure 1. New direct arylation polycondensation method unlocks to manufacture numerous appealing n-type semiconducting polymers Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) customize a previous synthesis method to... Read more »

NREL Opens Large Database of Inorganic Thin-Film Materials

NREL’s HTEM Database group Andriy Zakutayev (left), Robert White, John Perkins, Marcus Schwarting, Caleb Phillips and Nick Wunder. (Image by Dennis Schroeder/ NREL). The High Throughput Speculative Products (HTEM)... Read more »