Skeletal Shapes Key to Rapid Recognition of Objects

In the blink of an eye, the human visual system can process an item, identifying whether it’s a cup or a sock within milliseconds, and with apparently little effort.... Read more »

Levitating Objects with Light Now Possible

Scientists at CalTech have developed a method to levitate and move objects utilizing just light, by producing a particular nanoscale pattern on the objects’ surface areas. (The cover image... Read more »

Ultra-Light Gloves Let Users “Touch” Virtual Objects

. . . . Engineers and software application designers worldwide are looking for to produce technology that lets users touch, understand and control virtual objects, while seeming like they... Read more »

UCLA Engineers Develop Artificial Intelligence Device That Identifies Objects at the Speed of Light

The network, made up of a series of polymer layers, works utilizing light that takes a trip through it. Each layer is 8 centimeters square. OzcanResearch Group/UCLA A group... Read more »

Teaching Robots How to Move Objects

Doctoral trainee Maria Bauza has actually been checking out the concept of unpredictability when robots get, grasp, or press an item. “If the robot might touch the things, have... Read more »