Microanalysis Society honors Chris Kiely in 2020 class of fellows

IMAGE: Lehigh University products science and engineering teacher Christopher J. Kiely has actually been chosen as a Fellow of the Microanalysis Society. view more  Credit: Lehigh University Christopher J. Kiely,... Read more »

Extraction of skin interstitial fluid using microneedle patches

(LOS ANGELES) – The interstitial fluid is a significant part of the liquid environment in the body and fills the areas in between the body’s cells. On the other... Read more »

Next-generation solar cells pass strict international tests

IMAGE: Professor Anita Ho-Baillie with an earlier model perovskite solar cell. view more  Credit: UNSW Australian researchers have for the very first time produced a brand-new generation of speculative solar... Read more »

Light, fantastic: the path ahead for faster, smaller computer processors

IMAGE: From left: Associate Professor Stefano Palomba, Dr Alessandro Tuniz, Professor Martijn De Sterke in the laboratory at the University of Sydney Nano Institute. view more  Credit: Louise Cooper/University of... Read more »

How to manipulate light on the nanoscale over wide frequency ranges

IMAGE: A global group has actually proposed an unique approach that permits to extensively extend this series of working frequencies of phonon polaritons in van der Waals products. view more ... Read more »

Twisting 2D materials uncovers their superpowers

IMAGE: The twist angle in between the layers governs the crystal balance and can result in a range of intriguing physical behaviours, such as non-traditional superconductivity, tunnelling conductance, nonlinear optics... Read more »

Personalized nutrition smart patch to reduce diabetes risk

IMAGE: A proof-of-concept Nutromics smart patch. view more  Credit: Nutromics A wearable smart patch will provide accuracy information to assist individuals customise their diet plans and reduce their risk of... Read more »

WashU engineer awarded federal funding for rapid COVID-19 test

IMAGE: Engineers at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis have actually gotten federal funding for a rapid COVID-19 test utilizing a recently established technology called... Read more »

UCI-led team designs carbon nanostructure stronger than diamonds

Irvine, Calif., April 13, 2020 – Researchers at the University of California, Irvine and other organizations have actually architecturally created plate-nanolattices – nanometer-sized carbon structures – that are stronger... Read more »

New ‘refrigerator’ super-cools molecules to nanokelvin temperatures

For years, researchers have actually tried to find methods to cool molecules down to ultracold temperatures, at which point the molecules ought to slow to a crawl, enabling researchers... Read more »