Researcher Discovers How Mosquitoes Integrate Vision and Smell to Track Victims

Clément Vinauger, assistant teacher in the Department of Biochemistry, develops 3D-printed helmets to research study how mosquitoes utilize visual and olfactory hints to track their victims. Image credit: Kristin... Read more »

Drugs That Stop Mosquitoes Catching Malaria Could Help Eradicate the Disease

Male malaria parasite sexual phase ending up being active. Credit: Sabrina Yahiya Preventing transmission of malaria is a crucial part of efforts to get rid of the disease. An... Read more »

Image of the Day: Glowing Larva

Scientists recognized a gene in mosquitoes that moderates their vulnerability to malaria parasite infection. A. gambiae transgenic larva Y. DONG ET AL. Scientist reported the other day (March 8)... Read more »

Image of the Day: Mosquito Brain

Scientists have actually built the very first neuroanatomy atlas of a female mosquito’s brain. A restoration of a woman Aedes aegypti brain reveals unique brain areas that link to... Read more »