How to Separate the Science From the (Jerk) Scientist

ISTOCK, USCHOOLS E arlier this month at a genomics conference at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab in New York City, all the guests collected in Grace Auditorium, where a... Read more »

OSU Professor Falsified Data on Eight Papers, Resigns

Ching-Shih Chen’s research study included anticancer therapies that were being evaluated in medical trials. WIKIMEDIA, NHEYOB Cancer scientist Ching-Shih Chen of the Ohio State University (OSU) resigned last September... Read more »

Former Medical Dean at Michigan State in Jail for Porn, Sexual Assault

Following the conviction of MSU’s Larry Nassar for sexual assault, his previous employer, William Strampel, is accuseded of misbehavior and having videos of female trainees . WIKIMEDIA, BRANISLAV ONDRASIK... Read more »