New Synthesis Method Opens up Possibilities for Organic Electronics

Figure 1. New direct arylation polycondensation method unlocks to manufacture numerous appealing n-type semiconducting polymers Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) customize a previous synthesis method to... Read more »

New Method to Obtain Linearly-polarized Ultrafast Laser

Figure on the cover (Image by SIOM) In previous years, ultrafast fiber lasers have actually brought in substantial attention due to their applications in essential research study, biomedicine and... Read more »

Researchers Improve Method to Recycle and Renew Used Cathodes from Lithium-Ion Batteries – Science and Technology Research News

Nanoengineering teacher Zheng Chen holds vials of recycled cathode particles Researchers at the University of California San Diego have actually enhanced their recycling procedure that restores abject cathodes from... Read more »

Quantum Sensing Method Measures Minuscule Magnetic Fields

The speculative setup utilized by the scientists to evaluate their magnetic sensing unit system, utilizing green laser light for confocal microscopy. Images thanks to RLE A brand-new method of... Read more »

Simple Method Rescues Stressed Liver Cells

Hepatocytes are accountable for cleansing of the blood, and make up around 80% of the liver volume. They are utilized thoroughly in lab experiments, such as research studies of... Read more »

Method for Predicting Dirac Points Developed, Helping Next-Generation Electronics Research

Figure 1: This diagram reveals the electronic band structure of palladium ditelluride. Band crossings are suggested in red, and Dirac points are viewed as sharp peaks. © 2018 RIKEN... Read more »