New Coating Developed by Stanford Researchers Brings Lithium Metal Battery Closer to Reality

A new coating might make light-weight lithium metal batteries safe and long-term, an advantage for advancement of next-generation electrical automobiles. (Image credit: Shutterstock) Hope has actually been brought back... Read more »

Controlling Plasmons in Ultrathin Metal Films

left image: Conceptual view of the vibrant tuning of UTMF nanoribbons by ion-gel gating; right image: Determined transmission spectra of tunable nanoribbons resonating at λ = 2 µm Rare-earth element, such as... Read more »

Researchers Find the Trick to Molding Metal at the Nanoscale

Silver nanorods made with thermomechanical molding, varying in size from (left to right) 0.57 millimeters, 10 micrometers, 375 nanometers, and 36 nanometers. (Jan Schroers Laboratory). Many metals and alloys... Read more »