New Mechanism Allows Lower Energy Requirement for OLED Displays

(a) Schematic picture of the measurement; (b) STM picture of PTCDA adsorbed on NaCl grown on Ag(111); (c) Luminescence spectrum Researchers from RIKEN and the University of California San... Read more »

No More Zigzags: Scientists Uncover Mechanism That Stabilizes Fusion Plasmas

IsabelKrebs. (Photo by Elle Starkman/Office of Communications). Sawtooth swings– up-and-down ripples discovered in whatever from stock costs on Wall Street to ocean waves– take place occasionally in the temperature... Read more »

Potent New Mechanism of Action for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Revealed

Figure 1) IBD is a group of illness which trigger swelling and ulcers in the alimentary canal, along with signs such as bleeding, diarrhea, weight-loss and fever. Narrowly specified... Read more »