New Gel for Liver Cell Culture on Microchips

The product includes 2 parts that are blended in water, together with living cells. A spontaneous chain reaction occurs that triggers the parts to form a hydrated gel, a... Read more »

Simple Method Rescues Stressed Liver Cells

Hepatocytes are accountable for cleansing of the blood, and make up around 80% of the liver volume. They are utilized thoroughly in lab experiments, such as research studies of... Read more »

Half of hepatitis C patients with private insurance denied life-saving drugs

PHILADELPHIA – The number of insurance rejections for life-saving hepatitis C drugs amongst patients with both private and public insurance providers stays high throughout the United States, scientists from... Read more »

Updates on new therapies in development for rare liver diseases

14 April 2018, Paris, France: Appealing outcomes for 3 drugs for the treatment of 3 uncommon liver illness existed today at The International Liver Congress ™ 2018 in Paris,... Read more »

Long-term obeticholic acid treatment leads to reversal or stabilization of fibrosis/cirrhosis in patients with PBC

13 April 2018, Paris, France: The very first arise from the GRACE biopsy sub-study have today verified that long-lasting treatment with obeticholic acid (OCA) results in the turnaround or... Read more »