The northern and southern lights are different. Here’s why | Science

Pixabay The northern lights (above) and their lesser-known brother or sister the southern lights, aurora borealis and aurora australis, respectively, swell throughout the skies in hazy green and often... Read more »

NIST Chip Lights Up Optical Neural Network Demo

NIST’s grid-on-a-chip disperses light signals exactly, showcasing a possible brand-new style for neural networks. The three-dimensional structure makes it possible for intricate routing plans, which are required to imitate... Read more »

OLED Lights Brighter and More Durable

Organic light discharging diodes (OLEDs) have actually developed enough to form part of the very first industrial items through screens. In order to be able to take on existing... Read more »

City of Light hosts inaugural International Day of Light

Paris was a location of knowledge in the 18th century, and it ended up being the center of education, learning, and philosophy. It was among the very first cities... Read more »