They may have founded Rome, then vanished. New work sheds light on the mysterious Etruscans | Science

Centuries prior to the increase of the Roman Republic, a various culture controlled the Italian Peninsula: The Etruscans, an advanced civilization whose heartland remained in and around modern-day Tuscany,... Read more »

Weaving Quantum Processors out of Laser Light

Illustration Abstract futuristic wave-digital technology principle vector background A global group of researchers from Australia, Japan and the United States has actually produced the model, based upon a style... Read more »

Nanoscale Manipulation of Light Leads to Exciting New Advancement

Creative representation of the system under research study. As the size of the particles is minimized, the field improvement boosts. Managing the interactions in between light and matter has... Read more »

Sticker Makes Nanoscale Light Manipulation Easier to Manufacture

Scientists have actually provided sensing units the capability to control light much better, thanks to a sticker in the center of this gadget. (Purdue University image/Bongjoong Kim) Human pathogens,... Read more »

Chip Design Drastically Reduces Energy Needed to Compute with Light

A brand-new photonic chip design drastically reduces energy needed to compute with light, with simulations recommending it might run optical neural networks 10 million times more effectively than its... Read more »

Levitating Objects with Light Now Possible

Scientists at CalTech have developed a method to levitate and move objects utilizing just light, by producing a particular nanoscale pattern on the objects’ surface areas. (The cover image... Read more »

NIST Nanopillars Shape Light Precisely for Practical Applications – Science and Technology Research News

Schematic programs an unique method to improve the homes of an ultrafast light pulse. An inbound pulse of light (left) is distributed into its different constituent frequencies, or colors,... Read more »

Physicists predict a way to squeeze light from the vacuum of empty space | Science

Charged particles zipping through water in a atomic power plant produce Cherenkov radiation. Argonne National Laboratory/Wikimedia commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) Speak about getting free ride. Physicists predict that simply... Read more »

Spinning the Light: The World’s Smallest Optical Gyroscope

Mechanical versus Optical Gyroscopes Gyroscopes are gadgets that assist automobiles, drones, and wearable and portable electronic gadgets understand their orientation in three-dimensionalspace They are prevalent in practically every bit... Read more »

Regulating Gene Transcription Using Light

To commemorate the 10 th anniversary of the Department of Biosystems in Basel, the scientists predicted the figure of 10 onto a yeast population. In reaction to the light,... Read more »