U.S. chimp sanctuary is poised to give its primates a COVID-19 vaccine—will others follow its lead? | Science

Loretta is amongst 77 chimpanzees at a sanctuary in Georgia that might quickly self-administer a speculative vaccine developed to safeguard them from COVID-19. Fred Rubio/Project Chimps As the COVID-19... Read more »

Senate confirms Eric Lander to lead White House science shop | Science

The U.S. Senate today verified mathematician and geneticist Eric Lander as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Lander will likewise act as President... Read more »

Neutron stars may be bigger than expected, measurement of lead nucleus suggests | Science

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Antiseptic Resistance in Bacteria Could Lead to Next-Gen Plastics

Acinetobacter baumannii, which utilizes a protein called Acel to withstand hospital-grade antiseptic chlorhexidine. (c) CDC Australian-UK scientists determine ancient protein pumps that make bacteria difficult to reward – however... Read more »

Breakthrough Material Could Lead To Cheaper, More Widespread Solar Panels And Other Electronics

College student Tika Kafle (dealing with video camera) deals with the time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy setup. Credit: Cody Howard/University of Kansas. Envision printing electronic gadgets utilizing an easy inkjet printer... Read more »

White House eyes nuclear weapons expert to lead challenge to climate science | Science

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Virtual reality could show others what autism feels like—and lead to potential treatments | Science

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