This is the first mini particle accelerator to power a laser | Science

From the laser and gas target (left) to the undulators (blue) and electro-magnetic spectrometer (right), the unique free-electron laser determines simply 12 meters in length. Shanghai Institute of Optics... Read more »

Weaving Quantum Processors out of Laser Light

Illustration Abstract futuristic wave-digital technology principle vector background A global group of researchers from Australia, Japan and the United States has actually produced the model, based upon a style... Read more »

Microrobots Activated by Laser Pulses Show Promise For Treating Tumors

However frequently what ails us is inside the body and is not so simple to reach. In such cases, a treatment like surgical treatment or chemotherapy may be required.... Read more »

New Method to Obtain Linearly-polarized Ultrafast Laser

Figure on the cover (Image by SIOM) In previous years, ultrafast fiber lasers have actually brought in substantial attention due to their applications in essential research study, biomedicine and... Read more »

Laser Technology Supports the Path to Printed Electronic Diversity – Science and Technology Research News

Direct printing: The Fraunhofer ILT is showing a pressure gauge sensing unit that can be used straight and instantly to the part thanks to a mix of printing and... Read more »

Novel Laser Technology for Microchip-Size Chemical Sensors

The laser releases light with really unique spectral homes. Many lasers have just one color. All the photons it releases have precisely the exact same wavelength. Nevertheless, there are... Read more »

NIST’s Electro-Optic Laser Pulses 100 Times Faster Than Usual Ultrafast Light

Illustration portraying how particular frequencies, or colors, of light (sharp peaks) emerge from the electronic background sound (blue) in NIST’s ultrafast electro-optic laser. The vertical background demonstrates how these... Read more »

Microscopic Laser Attracting Attention – Science and Technology Research News

A laser too little to be seen by the naked eye has actually taken the research world by storm. Locally at DTU Fotonik, where it was established, and globally,... Read more »