How the world’s largest geode grew to half the size of a small bedroom | Science

Hector Garrido Most geodes—hollow, crystal-lined rocks—can suit the palm of your hand. However the huge Pulpí Geode, which has to do with half the size of a small bedroom,... Read more »

Africa’s largest mammalian carnivore had canines ‘the size of bananas’ | Science

MAURICIO ANTON When paleontologists collected the bones of Africa’s largest carnivore in the early 1980s, they had no concept what they had discovered. Many other fossils cluttered the dig... Read more »

Largest, Fastest Array of Microscopic ‘Traffic Cops’ for Optical Communications

The photonic switch is constructed with more than 50,000 microscopic “light switches” engraved into a silicon wafer. Each light switch (little raised squares) directs one of 240 small beams... Read more »