Biden reverses Trump cuts to monuments, restoring protection for key fossil sites | Science

In a long-awaited choice, President Joe Biden today brought back Utah’s fossil-abundant Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante nationwide monuments to their previous borders, 4 years after previous President Donald... Read more »

Skeletal Shapes Key to Rapid Recognition of Objects

In the blink of an eye, the human visual system can process an item, identifying whether it’s a cup or a sock within milliseconds, and with apparently little effort.... Read more »

Research Overcomes Key Obstacles to Scaling Up DNA Data Storage

Image credit: DataBase Center for Life Science. Shared under an Innovative Commons license. Scientists from North Carolina State University have actually established brand-new methods for labeling and recovering data... Read more »

Ocean Activity Is Key Controller of Summer Monsoons – Science and Technology Research News

MIT researchers have actually discovered that an interaction in between climatic winds and the ocean waters south of India has a significant impact over the strength and timing of... Read more »

Cartilage Could Be Key to Safe ‘Structural Batteries’

. . . . Your knees and your mobile phone battery have some remarkably comparable requirements, a University of Michigan teacher has actually found, which brand-new insight has actually... Read more »