In a first, a Japanese spacecraft appears to have collected samples from inside an asteroid | Science

Engineers and service technicians in Sagamihara, Japan, cheer for Hayabusa2’s effective 2nd goal on the asteroid Ryugu. ISAS/JAXA  Japan’s Hayabusa2 effectively finished its 2nd goal on the asteroid Ryugu and most likely... Read more »

A Japanese spacecraft may have just blown a crater in a distant asteroid | Science

An artist’s impression programs a projectile striking asteroid Ryugu, with a little satellite bring 2 electronic cameras in the foreground. JAXA Japan’s Hayabusa2 objective continued its extraordinary expeditions today by... Read more »

Ancient Japanese wolf may be rare remnant of ice age wolves | Science

Geoff A Howard/AlamyStock Photo JENA, GERMANY–On the island of Honsh ū in Japan, farmers long valued a little gray wolf as a guardian of their crops due to the... Read more »