Photovoltaic-Powered Sensors for the “Internet of Things”

MIT scientists have actually created affordable, photovoltaic-powered sensors on RFID tags that operate in sunshine and dimmer indoor lighting, and can transfer information for years prior to requiring replacement.... Read more »

Army Project Brings Quantum Internet Closer to Reality

Scientists at the University of Innsbruck, moneyed by the U.S. Army, attained a record for the transfer of quantum entanglement in between matter and light — a range of... Read more »

Rice U. Researchers Unveil Internet of Things Security Feature

Dai Li (left) and Kaiyuan Yang of Rice University’s VLSI Laboratory will provide their brand-new security technology at the 2019 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), which is informally called... Read more »

Toward a Future Quantum Internet

Teacher Hoi-Kwong Lo (ECE) and his partners have actually carried out a proof-of-principle experiment on a crucial element of all-photonic quantum repeaters (Picture: Jessica MacInnis) U of T Engineering... Read more »

Tech Breakthrough to Allow 100-Times-Faster Internet

Groundbreaking brand-new technology permits super-fast internet by utilizing twisted beams to bring more information and procedure it much faster. Broadband fiber-optics bring details on pulses of light, at the... Read more »

Electronic Stickers to Streamline Large-Scale ‘Internet of Things’

. . . . Billionsof items varying from mobile phones and watches to structures, device parts and medical gadgets have actually ended up being cordless sensing units of their... Read more »

Academics Protest China’s Censorship Requests

ISTOCK, NIRODESIGN M ore than 1,000 individuals from worldwide have actually signed a petition contacting significant journal publishers not to censor their offerings within China in action to governmental... Read more »