Posts to Reddit forum “SuicideWatch” spike in the early hours of Monday morning

Posts to Reddit forum “SuicideWatch” spike in the early hours of Monday morning New research study from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London... Read more »

Photovoltaic-Powered Sensors for the “Internet of Things”

MIT scientists have actually created affordable, photovoltaic-powered sensors on RFID tags that operate in sunshine and dimmer indoor lighting, and can transfer information for years prior to requiring replacement.... Read more »

Army Project Brings Quantum Internet Closer to Reality

Scientists at the University of Innsbruck, moneyed by the U.S. Army, attained a record for the transfer of quantum entanglement in between matter and light — a range of... Read more »

Rice U. Researchers Unveil Internet of Things Security Feature

Dai Li (left) and Kaiyuan Yang of Rice University’s VLSI Laboratory will provide their brand-new security technology at the 2019 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), which is informally called... Read more »

Toward a Future Quantum Internet

Teacher Hoi-Kwong Lo (ECE) and his partners have actually carried out a proof-of-principle experiment on a crucial element of all-photonic quantum repeaters (Picture: Jessica MacInnis) U of T Engineering... Read more »

Tech Breakthrough to Allow 100-Times-Faster Internet

Groundbreaking brand-new technology permits super-fast internet by utilizing twisted beams to bring more information and procedure it much faster. Broadband fiber-optics bring details on pulses of light, at the... Read more »

Electronic Stickers to Streamline Large-Scale ‘Internet of Things’

. . . . Billionsof items varying from mobile phones and watches to structures, device parts and medical gadgets have actually ended up being cordless sensing units of their... Read more »

Academics Protest China’s Censorship Requests

ISTOCK, NIRODESIGN M ore than 1,000 individuals from worldwide have actually signed a petition contacting significant journal publishers not to censor their offerings within China in action to governmental... Read more »