An Industrial Collaboration for Thermally Controlled 3D-Printed Metal/Polymer Components

3D printed aluminum- and stainless steel-based columns. Imagen: Ester Palmero. Among the primary technological difficulties when attempting to integrate metal particles with polymers for the fabrication of practical composites... Read more »

Bubbles Hold Clue to Improved Industrial Structures

Supercomputer computations have actually exposed information of the development of so-called nanobubbles, which are 10s of countless times smaller sized than a pin head. The findings might provide important... Read more »

Industrial 3D Printing Goes Skateboarding

The Gigabot X can print big products like skateboards, kayak paddles and snowshoes. A group led by engineers from Michigan Technological University and re: 3D, Inc. established and evaluated... Read more »

Supercomputing Propels Jet Atomization Research for Industrial Processes

Visualization of the liquid surface area and speed magnitude of a round jet spray. Copyright: Bundeswehr University Munich Whether it is creating the most reliable technique for fuel injection... Read more »