Disorder left ancient human relative with teeth pocked like golf balls | Science

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Are Human Brains Unique? | Science and Technology Research News

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NUS Scientists Harness Machine Learning to Uncover New Insights into the Human Brain

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Trio of genes supercharged human brain evolution | Science

A strategy for growing these brain cortical nerve cells in a laboratory meal made it possible to find more genes associated with brain growth. I. Suzuki et al, Cell10.1016/... Read more »

The Raw Power of Human Motion

The wearable power bracelet can catch and change energy from human movement into electrical power and shop it in MXene supercapacitors to drive various sensing units. © 2018 KAUST... Read more »

New NIST Service: Extending Traceable Measurements Inside the Human Body

Test option in capillary tube, with magnetic resonance information on screen in background. NIST scientist Katy Keenan with a phantom. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is... Read more »