Climate Change to Make Hot Droughts Hotter in the US Southern Plains

Droughts are reoccurring, disruptive weather condition occasions whose effects are typically intensified by severe and extended heat waves. Now a brand-new NOAA research study in the Journal of Climate cautions that in the currently... Read more »

Life thrives in Antarctic hot spots created by seal and penguin poop | Science

Stef Bokhorst In the desolate Antarctic landscape, life is difficult to come by—unless you’re near some seal and penguin poop. The nitrogen-rich feces improve the soil and produce hot... Read more »

Why is a remote Colombian town a hot spot of an inherited intellectual disability? | Science

RICAURTE, COLOMBIA–It’s late afternoon in this small town tucked into the Colombian Andes, when Mercedes Trivi ño, 82, lights the wood range to begin to prepare supper. Smoke fills... Read more »