Scientists Tried CRISPR To Treat HIV and Cancer

Chinese researchers have reported safe treatment of a man with leukemia and HIV by means of gene-editing tool CRISPR for the first time, a stride forward in a field... Read more »

CRISPR Cured HIV In Mice

For the first time, scientists say they have eliminated HIV virus from the DNA of mice, a significant step in the right direction towards a difficult cure for humans.... Read more »

Simpler HIV treatment and prevention strategies take center stage | Science

Merck & Co. is establishing a lasting HIV-prevention drug provided to the body utilizing an implant comparable to this one, which is utilized as a contraceptive gadget. Merck Individuals... Read more »

Australia continues to see steady drop in new HIV infections | Science

Aggressive promo of prophylactic usage has actually assisted curb HIV infections in Australia. This huge prophylactic in Sydney became part of a 2014 awareness project. SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images Australia... Read more »

Monkey-Infecting Virus May Provide Part of Future HIV Vaccine

“We’ve shown here that one can use shapes from chimpanzee-infecting SIV to stimulate the production of antibodies against the human-infecting HIV,” states co-senior author Dennis Burton, PhD, the James... Read more »

Curing HIV just got more complicated. Can CRISPR help? | Science

HIV incorporates its genome (yellow) into human chromosomes, and cells that indirectly copy that genome as they reproduce might make complex remedy efforts. David S. Goodsell/HIVE Center SEATTLE, WASHINGTON—Antiretroviral... Read more »

Custom-Made Proteins May Help Create Antibodies to Fight HIV

After being inoculated with the proteins, bunnies established antibodies that were able to bind with the infection. IMAGE: © GETTYIMAGES MIRROR-IMAGES A brand-new method to create proteins that can... Read more »

Researchers Uncover Potential New Drug Targets in the Fight Against HIV

JohnsHopkins researchers report they have actually recognized 2 potential new drug targets for the treatment ofHIV The research study exposed that 2 genes– CMPK2 and BCLG, are selectively triggered... Read more »

CDC Director Delivers Passionate Speech to Agency

Robert Redfield stressed the significance of science and information in conference with workers. JAMES GATHANY, WIKIMEDIA Robert Redfield, the recently selected director of the Centers for Illness Control and... Read more »