Eczema Drug Restores Hair Growth in Patient with Longstanding Alopecia

Fine light hairs called vellus hairs appear on the scalp of a patient with alopecia totalis 6 weeks after she started dupilumab treatment for eczema. MassachusettsGeneral Hospital (MGH) doctors... Read more »

New Tool Predicts Eye, Hair and Skin Color from a Dna Sample of an Unidentified Individual

A worldwide group has actually established the HIrisPlex-S DNA test system, an unique tool to properly forecast eye, hair and skin color from human biological product, even a little... Read more »

Enough with the toxic hair dyes. We could use graphene instead | Science

Jiaxing Huang The majority of long-term hair dyes utilize harmful chemicals to cause a modification in color, usually destructive hair at the same time. And the darker the wanted... Read more »