Giant reptiles once ruled Australia. Their loss sparked an ecological disaster | Science

A huge Komodo dragon relative, Megalania, stalks a herd of giant herbivorous marsupials. Laurie Beirne BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA—Saber-toothed felines, short-faced bears, and other relentless mammals were the leading predators of... Read more »

Giant sauropod dinosaurs may have sported turtlelike beaks | Science

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Mass rodent poisoning on this remote Australian island could bring back giant stick insect | Science

Lord Howe Island has reefs, forests, and endemic types threatened by intrusive rodents. IAN HUTTON A seductive, 11-kilometer-long speck of land in the Pacific Ocean 780 kilometers northeast of... Read more »

Giant study links DNA variants to same-sex behavior | Science

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(Left to ideal): GIANT MAGELLAN TELESCOPE– GMTO CORPORATION; MICHAEL HANSON/AURORA PHOTOS; PAUL TAYLOR/GETTY IMAGES Rival giant telescopes join forces to seek U.S. funding Two U.S.-led giant telescope tasks, competitors... Read more »