New science on cracking leads to self-healing materials

Fractures in the desert flooring appear random to the inexperienced eye, even perfectly so, however the mathematics governing patterns of dried clay end up to be foreseeable—and helpful in... Read more »

Palm oil: The carbon cost of deforestation

IMAGE: This is Thomas Guillaume, lead author, gathering samples in Sumatra,Indonesia see more Credit: © EPFL/ WSL Indonesia and Malaysia together represent almost 85% of international palm oil production.... Read more »

New Horizons data reveals dunes made of methane on Pluto

Dunes are understood to form on Earth, Mars, Venus, Titan and Comet 67 P – and now on the dwarf world Pluto, inning accordance with a new research study,... Read more »

Studying Midwest soil erosion from space

AMHERST, Mass. – Geologist and geochemist Isaac Larsen at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is utilized to tramping around in the dirt to perform his soil research study, however... Read more »