MyHeritage Account Data Compromised in “Cybersecurity Incident”

A safety researcher discovered the e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords of greater than 92 million customers of the family tree web site on a non-public server exterior the corporate.... Read more »

Race Is Not a Genomic Phenomenon

ColumbiaUniversity Press, June 2018In 2 viewpoint pieces that ran previously this year in TheNew York Times,David Reich, teacher of human genes at Harvard University, talked about the genes of... Read more »

Image of the Day: Gene Expression

A brand-new algorithm inspects the most hard-to-read sections of the genome. Slowly removing low-affinity binding websites recognized by the brand-new algorithm leads to a progressive decrease (from delegated right)... Read more »

Monitoring Mutations with Microfluidics | The Scientist Magazine®

Germs in the mom maker revealing duplication anomalies MARINA ELEZ AND JEAN OLLION M utations are the driving force for variation and development of life, yet the majority of... Read more »